The definitive guide to Patreon

(This was originally published as a section within today’s Monetizing Media newsletter. Sign up here.) Patreon: the definitive reportI wrote a 20,000+ word analysis of Patreon and monetization strategies by independent content creators. Patreon is a platform that creators use to run membership businesses (monthly payment in exchange for special access) with their superfans. Think CRM + CMS +… Continue reading The definitive guide to Patreon

US podcasting market size was $314M in 2017

According to an IAB/PwC report, the market size for podcast advertising in the US was $314M in 2017, an incredible 86% yoy increase from $169M in 2016. It predicts the market will reach $659M in 2020. One stat of note: 38% of podcast ad spend in 2017 was via annual upfront buys (compared to 27% in 2016).