SPACs in Media & Entertainment

I have been keeping track of SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) that are targeting companies in the media, entertainment, & gaming sphere to take public via reverse merger.

Here is a link to my Google Spreadsheet, plus I am embedding it below (with more limited view):

Quick notes:

  • SPACs go public by selling “units” that are a combination of common shares and warrants. After a few weeks trading, the units split, with common shares and warrants trading separately.
  • There are a lot of broadly TMT (tech, media, telecom) focused SPACs out there that could do a deal in media/entertainment but probably won’t. I only include SPACs that seem particularly focused on this space based on their stated investment strategy and/or the people involved.
  • I don’t attempt to track SPACs outside North America and Europe but will add ones if I come across them. Feel free to email me with any additions or corrects. (Contact info below in footer.)