Moneyball in gaming

I enjoyed this 2017 talk by Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney to public market investors, arguing they look at gaming with the wrong mental models…that causes them to misprice gaming companies and causes gaming stocks to be overly volatile. (Thanks to Luke Constable at Lembas Capital for sharing it.) (FYI – This post first appeared in […]

Covid-19’s impact on game CAC and LTV

(This was originally published as a section in today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.) Unity Technologies released a report on how Covid-19 lockdown has impacted user acquisition and monetization in the gaming industry. The data comes from games made with Unity or using the Unity Ads network. Overall use 46% DAU increase in HD gaming (i.e. console, PC, VR) and […]

June 9, 2020

Digestible Media Film/TV/Video — whose live-streaming platform targets small, amateur esports tournament — raised $10M in Series A funding from Bitkraft Esports Ventures, Crest Capital, and Pole To Win. (Read more)  Movie theaters in California are set to reopen (at 25% capacity) on June 12. Publishing Digiday reports that US and European publishers are bracing for a second wave of […]

June 5, 2020

Hi everyone – a very quiet Friday for media deals today. Take care this weekend! Interesting Deals, Stats, & Product Updates Digestible Media Film/TV/Video  Mediaset, the Italian TV giant, is demanding Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1 commit to a plan to grow its core TV business at next week’s shareholder meeting. (Read more) ProSieben spent the last several years focused on developing its Nucom […]

June 4, 2020

(This was from today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.) Hi everyone – I got a late start today, so pardon the nighttime newsletter. I enjoyed this NYT profile of Zane Lowe, Apple Music’s Global Creative Director. He is one of the best interviewers in all of media, in my opinion. His long-form interviews make you feel like you’re a fly […]

June 3, 2020

(This is from today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.) Hi everyone – FYI as a correction from yesterday, Czech console/PC gaming company Bohemia Interactive is disputing a widely cited report by The Information that Tencent is acquiring a majority stake in it. Update on violence against media in the USBellingcat investigative reporter Nick Waters is tracking verified incidents of arrests/assaults on journalists by […]

June 2, 2020

(This was today’s Monetizing Media newsletter. Subscribe here.) Hi everyone – just a few quick points today. Lots of companies have delayed planned announcements while protests continue in the US so expect deal news this week to be even quieter than it normally is during your typical global pandemic. The EU launched submission forms to […]

2020 is the year to step up

(This originally appeared as the opening to today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.) We can do more With massive protests across the US over police brutality and systemic racism against black Americans, it’s worth us remembering how central a role media companies have always played in promoting racial prejudice. Not just news media but films, TV shows, […]

June 1, 2020

(This was originally published within today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.) Zynga’s $1.8 billion acquisition of Peak GamesZynga is buying Peak Games, the Istanbul-based mobile games studio that has 12 million DAUs across puzzle games Toon Blast and Toy Blast, for $1.8B in a half-cash, half-stock deal. (Read more) Peak raised less than $25M from outside investors, making this a […]

Deal News: April 30, 2020

(This was originally shared in today’s Monetizing Media newsletter. Sign up here.) Digestible Media Film/TV/Video  NBCUniversal Q1 revenue dropped 7% yoy to $7.7b. (Read more) Filmed entertainment down 22.5% to $1.4b. Theme park revenue down 31.9% to $869m. Ad revenue was down just 2.2% but Comcast expects a harder hit in ad revenue in Q2.   TF1 […]