How Europe overtook the US in championing free markets

I read the new book The Great Reversal by economist Thomas Philippon then did a Q&A with him about it. It’s a fascinating analysis of a fundamental shift that began around 2000 wherein the US economy has become less competitive and more dominated by its largest incumbent companies while Europe become more competitive. The impact in the US can be measured in higher prices, fewer successful small businesses, and lack of product innovation.

Read my book review here and my interview here.

Interview with Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew about always-on media startups

I spoke with Jeremy Liew, general partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and the first investor in Snapchat, about his interest in media startups whose content runs in the background while we do other primary tasks. Read our transcript on TechCrunch >>

How Unity built the world’s most popular game engine

I’m excited to share my in-depth profile on the founding and rise of Unity Technologies, the most used game engine in the world and a multi-billion dollar startup poised to IPO in 2020.

I interviewed two dozen Unity executives in San Francisco and Copenhagen for this and other research into the gaming industry, including hours of discussion with two of Unity’s co-founders (David Helgason and Joachim Ante) and current CEO John Riccitiello.

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Kobalt Music, Part 2: Music’s broken system of copyright and royalty management

Part 2 of my series on Kobalt Music and the state of the music industry breaks down the complex structure of copyright tracking and royalty payments in music and how Kobalt has pushed the industry forward through centralization and transparency. Read it on TechCrunch >>

How Kobalt is simplifying the killer complexities of the music industry

Kobalt Music, Part 1: The Rise of Kobalt

Similar to my past series on Patreon and the efforts of independent content creators to monetize their core fans, I’m writing a series of posts on the music company Kobalt and the state of the music industry. The first post explores the founding of (London-based) Kobalt and its overall structure. Read it on TechCrunch >>

How a Swedish saxophonist built Kobalt, the world’s next music unicorn