The coming wave of co-op games

(This was originally published as a section in today’s Monetizing Media newsletter. Sign up here.) Co-op games…a core argument in my virtual worlds series is that it has become mainstream for people to turn to the virtual worlds of games as spaces to build new relationships and deepen existing ones. People bond when they share […]

Stats on Facebook app deletion

I’ve finished an 8-article series on virtual worlds and virtual economies that should start publishing next week. One of the most interesting stats I discovered in the process was a Pew Research Center survey in 2018 finding that among 18-35 year old Facebook users in the US, 47% reported taking a multiple week break from Facebook and 43% reported deleting […]

Mobile game spending stats for 2019

(This post is from today’s Monetizing Media newsletter. Sign up here.) Interesting 2019 stats from App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020 report… There were 204 billion worldwide app downloads last year and $120 billion of consumer spend through those apps. (That consumer spend is from money running through the app stores due to paid apps, in-app subscriptions, and in-app purchases; it […]