My report on Patreon

I’ve spent the last two months researching Patreon, interviewing its executive team and investors, and talking to its customers. Thrilled to publish this report.

It’s the first in a new format for TechCrunch (and for me): in-depth reports on top late-stage stage startups that aim to provide the definitive analysis on a company.

This one clocked in at roughly 24,000 words. That’s half of a standard business book.

I approach this from three angles:

  1. A business case study of Patreon’s founding and growth.
  2. A breakdown of the product’s evolution and roadmap for the next three years.
  3. An investor-minded analysis of the company’s performance metrics, financials, competition, and exit potential.

Here are the posts:

If you read it, feel welcome to contact me with questions and comments.