MediaDeals – a morning newsletter for media execs and investors

As I dive into this Monetizing Media project, I’ve been hunting for a media industry equivalent of Dan Primack’s Pro Rata newsletter at Axios (a morning round-up of key investments, M&A, and other business news in venture capital and private equity).

I haven’t been able to find any daily media newsletters that seem very business-savvy, however, and several of you who have been in the industry for many years echoed that sentiment too. So for a couple days last week, I compiled an example newsletter and sent it to friends. Based on the positive response, I’m formalizing it as the “MediaDeals” newsletter and will keep publishing it every weekday for a couple more weeks. If it seems to be finding “product-market fit” then I’ll keep at it.

Sign up for MediaDeals here and invite friends and coworkers to join us as well. I eagerly welcome any ideas, critiques, or other suggestions on how to make it better.