Monetizing Media (Feb 19 newsletter) | Facebook app deletion, State of Mobile 2020, co-op games, bridging gaming and Hollywood

Hey everyone – I’ve finished an 8-article series on virtual worlds and virtual economies that should start publishing next week.  One of the most interesting stats I discovered in the process was a Pew Research Center survey in 2018 finding that among 18-35 year old Facebook users in the US, 47% reported taking a multiple week break from Facebook […]

Monetizing Media (April 28) – Zwift & Northzone interviews, Research Update, Interesting Deals this Week

Happy Sunday night, media friends. (I’ll send Monetizing Media when I send it. Aiming for shorter posts that vary a bit in format since a formal weekly routine didn’t happen.) Great to see many of you over drinks in London and LA recently. Shout out to Hummingbird VC and Sinai VC for co-hosting those events. I’ll be at the Milken […]

Monetizing Media (it’s back) – Patreon, Unity, Luminary, BallerTV, other deal news

Monetizing Media is back! Welcome to version 2.0. Here’s the new plan : It’s weekly. Responding to the daily news cycle last year was a reactive way to work, distracting from the projects I wanted to proactively dive do. My productivity has soared since unplugging from it. Rather than share everything, I’m gonna share what’s most interesting […]