Monetizing Media

Hello. I’m Eric Peckham—an investor, a corporate advisor, and the media columnist at TechCrunch.

Monetizing Media is my email list for sharing news & analysis with a group of senior executives, startup founders, and investors who are all working to shape the future of media & entertainment.

I’m particularly excited about industry realignment in the streaming-first era, applications of AI, new forms of interactive content (like voice interfaces), and audience revenue models like subscriptions and in-game purchases.

I email a few times per week. You can explore the archives. I also organize group discussions and crowdsource resources like this database of media investors.

“In this ever-changing media environment, Monetizing Media is a valuable resource for media executives and entrepreneurs.”
Rick Hess
Managing Partner @ Evolution Media
“I definitely read or skim through every newsletter. Reminds me of my old days of paidContent for its comprehensiveness yet brevity.”
Rafat Ali
Founder/CEO @ Skift